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Pet Services

Our Pet services have been established since 2014 and have built a strong reputation for providing a fantastic range of professional pet services.

Our friendly team of pet carers are trained in canine first aid, dog handling and body language skills so you’ll be confident that your pet is in safe hands when using our services.

Register your details and request bookings via our online booking portal. All services require a trial walk or visit prior to any bookings being confirmed.

Dog Walking

Our highly trained and professional dog walkers offer well socialised dogs small group walks and adventurous solo walks for the more laid back or nervous dog.

How does it work? Our dog walkers will collect your dog from your home, your dog will be walked for the allocated time requested and safely returned home, ready for some down time.

Where do we walk? The dogs are walked in local parks, open fields and woodlands with an array of activities and socialisation to keep their minds active and their bodies healthy.

What’s included? Collection and drop off from your property, use of our reliable leads, unlimited bi-degradable pooh bags, 100% natural dog treats, safe crates and seat belts, fully insured transportation vehicles, DBS checked, Insured and trained professional dog walkers

Walking Days Available between: Monday-Friday 

Group walks are walked between:

Morning Walk - 9am-11am

Midday Walk - 11am-2pm

Afternoon Walk - 2pm-4pm


1 Hour Group walk £15

30 Minute Solo walk £15

1 Hour Solo walk £22

Comfort Breaks/Cat Feeding

This service is ideal for pet’s who require feeding over small periods of time or those who are nervous who would prefer little interaction whilst their owners are away.

How does it work? Our trained pet carers will visit your pet at your home and follow the routine set out from our initial consultation. Our pet carers are fully insured and trained to a high standard giving you peace of mind that your pet will be cared for as if they were our own.

What’s included? We will socialise, feed and water your pet, clean out litter trays, administer medication if required and generally ensure your pet is healthy and happy whilst in our care. We can also put out your bins for collection and water the plants for you.

Service available 7 Days a week

Between 7am-10am & 3pm-6pm


15 Minute visit £11

2x 15 Minute visits £18

Dog Adventure Day Care

Our day care service is run by our highly trained dog walkers and is aimed at well socialised dogs that require more time, attention, stimulation and play time throughout the day.

How does it work? Your dog will be collected by our walkers from your home. Your dog will be walked for the allocated time requested and returned to their home, feeling relaxed and settled.

Full Day care = 7 Hours

Half Day care = 3.5 Hours

What’s included? Your dog will be exercised in our local parks, fields and woodlands for up to 4 hours throughout the duration of the day, with breaks and play time included.

Our exclusive training rooms at Paws Galore and 7 Acre Training field will be utilised for those extra rainy or hot days, playing brain stimulating games, dog sports or relaxing on the cool mats, to maintain a happy pack.

Walking Days Available between: Monday-Friday​

Collection between 8am-9:30am

Drop off between 3pm-:4:30pm

This service is only suited for well socialised dogs that require plenty of 'off lead' exercise, stimulation and attention throughout the day time.


Full Day care £33

Half Day care £27

Puppy Visits/Walks

​This service is aimed at puppies form 8 weeks to 6 months old who require visits and feeding throughout the day.

How does it work? One of our trusted pet carers will visit your puppy at home and follow any feeding routines, play time and cuddles to keep your puppy entertained and happy.

What’s included? Your puppy will have plenty of brain stimulation on our visit, changing their routine as they get older to suit their needs. A short walk will be included once your puppy is fully vaccinated and will increase the time as they grow.

Service available Monday-Friday

Between 9am-11am & 1pm-3pm

This service is only suited for puppies between 8 weeks and 6 months old.


30 Minute visit £15

2 x 30 Minute visits £22

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